Dominion over all!

The other day I had a conversation with myself. Here’s sort of how it went:

Me-1: God gave man dominion over the whole earth.

Me-2: Even over all the animals?

Me-1: Yup! God made animals for our benefit. We have dominion over all of them.

Me-2: You mean, like, we can do anything we want to them? Without consequences?

Me-1: You betcha! That’s what dominion means: we can do anything we want with them, and the only consequence is that our decision benefits us. The Bible—God’s word, confirms that!

Me-2: The word, dominion: does it also apply to our government having dominion over us—like the Bible tells us?

Me-1: Well, certainly! Governments gotta rule, or there’s anarchy.

Me-2: So, by your definition of ‘dominion,’ that means Prime Minister Harper has dominion over us and can do anything he wants to us, and the only consequence for his decision is that he benefits from it?

Me-1: Well, sure … uh … Oh, shut up!

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