Consciousness and Hope

Consider the ocean as universal consciousness. I am part of that consciousness. As part of that individualism, I have individual abilities: to see, to hear, to taste, to feel and to smell. God, who has granted me that individuality within His ‘ocean’ and, because of His love for me, has added and additional feature to that individuality: awareness and learning ability: a great tool by which I might advance myself and consciousness (the ocean) as a whole.

Consider this tool as a stick. I can dip it into the ocean and disturb the otherwise ‘calmness’ of the ocean (consciousness). I can be artistic. I can create tiny ripples whose waves barely make it out more than a few feet, or I can really stir up the ocean and make giant waves whose ripples will travel for endless miles. I can make calm waves: gentle waves that ease and sooth troubled waters. I can be creative. In short, God has given me the ability, with my ‘magic’ stick, to create whatever I want in His ocean of consciousness.

Today, my ‘stick’ — my consciousness, has given me hope. Hope I can, with my ‘magic stick,’ I can bring about whatever I wish to create.