The Power of One

I’ll pick on politics as a starter to my column to help me explain my point of argument, because politics is one of my favorite subjects to talk about—although the main message here, as you will see, can apply equally well to any situation.

As long as we continue to believe that we are only one in person and essence, and powerless in a world where money, armies and entrenched customs dominate, we can be assured of being ruled—not governed—ruled—by dictators, be they politicians or dominating company CEOs.

Can we ever free ourselves from this subjugated, submissiveness to an authority role we seem doomed to play a ll our life?

All holy scriptures, both ancient and present-day, proclaim that God made us in His image: gods, He made us—so, at the very least, we should consider ourselves to be princes and princesses in a limitless universe. The question, now, is, if we have such a royal heritage, what happened that caused us to lose our ability to rule ourselves?

Well, the reasons for giving up our power of free will and give domination of ourselves to others can be numerous. Mental weakness and general laziness come to mind as two reasons. But in spite of this quite common fault, society has produced many great minds and achievers that have truly reflected God’s desire for the lofty aspirations for His offspring. Terry Fox, Viola Desmond and Gord Downie are three Canadian heroes that immediately come to mind, and if we turn our search for heroes internationally, the list becomes almost endless. So, we see, it’s not God’s fault that we are weak: He created us as royal citizens of the universe, remember? His plan for us as a loving Father is to see us aspire to—and even surpass—His own lofty heights of creative achievement! So, what went wrong?

Going back to our heroes, the idea of thinking “I’m only one person,” so “what can I do?” isn’t even a consideration in their mind which is obvious by their action and achievements! These heroes know they’ve been created free and are in bondage to no one! So, if they did great things, why can’t the rest of us do likewise?

Free-spirited people are still in the minority. Why do we, the majority, still feel powerless and consider ourselves a failure—or at best, not as good as our successful associates? The reasons are legion: probably as many reasons as there are individuals who feel that they are inferior. Mac Davidson, former therapist, consultant and entrepreneur, may have at least one answer when he stated in Quora: “The fear of making mistakes.” In other words, we hesitate because we are afraid … afraid of what? We’re afraid of making a fool of ourselves in front of others, afraid of people looking down on us if we make a mistake, feeling inferior to associates … where do we pick up such negative ideas? We’re certainly not born with the idea of failure or fear. Watch a child at play and the last thing a child is, is afraid to act out his emotion or desire.

Who knows where its origin? Maybe it began in our primitive days when we were cave dwellers and had to fear the ever-present hungry carnivore who stalked us in order to survive. Since then, we’ve customized our fear to fit our present-day environment, but still kept one basic survival skill: observing and adopting ideas from others in our group.

 The nice thing is, once we become aware of our fears, we can—if we wish to—change. But change is not easy. We’re creatures of habit. The road out of failure can be filled with frustration and failure itself, so here are a few “helps” to help you on your way:

 One very good start is to join a yoga meditation club. You’ll get lots of support from other members there, and positive support is something you’ll need to help cancel out the life-long negative thoughts engrained in us.

Next, copy down some positive quotes and pin them on your bathroom mirror where you’ll see and reflect on them every time you visit the bathroom. Here are a few for starters:

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

“The only man who never made a mistake is the man who never did anything.”

“Mistakes help build your knowledge base.”

“Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.”

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

Meditating on such quotes can strengthen our resolve to overcome our weaknesses by learning that mistakes can actually be your friend and teacher.

One final quote to help you. You may have heard this one before—most successful people have. Just make sure to apply it with determination: Aim for the stars! You may only reach the moon on your first try, but that’s better than where you were. And, once you reach the moon, it will be that much easier to reach the stars. Just don’t give up!

Promote yourself from “Can’t Do,” to “Can Do,” and from that direction, look up … way up!  You’re now on your road to boldly go where, before, as a lesser god you feared to tread!

I Speak in Favour of Christianity

I read a lot about how it is a human RIGHT to have — say — a good education system, good health system, clean drinking water — plus a plethora of other “human rights.”

I disagree with all of that! We have NO human rights!! God gave us life and provided a beautiful planet for us to grow and mature on — it’s our school, if you wish, until such time as we can graduate from earth and re-join Him in the Spirit World — but all God did was give us life and a school in which we can grow, spiritually. No more!

On the other hand, it is our privilege (which, sometimes I think not all of us honestly deserve) to enjoy the invaluable access that we have to such creations as health care, education, clean water, etc. But, make note, and I repeat from my first statement, God didn’t provide these institutes for us: He just gave us life and an indescribably beautiful “school” to spend a few short years in, which, as a side note, we are doing a remarkably good job of ruining, but these so-called “rights” that we speak of, WE — yes, we, humans created for ourselves by learning to utilize the wonderful tools that Father so wisely included in the “school!” For the moment, I’ll ignore all the negative talk about the bad things Christianity is mostly noted for (that reminds me too much of listening to the evening news: all negative) and remind our readers of Christianity’s positive side, like the compassionate actions of many Christians, who genuinely took upon themselves to implement, practice and live Jesus’ Gospel. And was, and is these millions of good Christians that we can largely thank for providing a civilized, high standard of living that we enjoy today.

No, (and here again, I’ll dare to disagree with the “Christian-haters), nor was it the government who gave us these so-called ” human rights.” Good government only does the will of the people. It is the majority (or, at least the ‘squeaky wheels) of society that moves government to action. If the government did any good for the common man it was because they were pushed by a majority opinion to do so.

Yes, agnostics and atheists did, and still do have an influence on what happens in our society, and even though they reject the mantle of being “Christian,” in their actions, in essence, they do follow Jesus’ principles: to love God (or, in their case, Creation) and to love our fellow man as we love ourselves. And, of course, in the end, that’s what counts!

However, agnostics and atheists, as I already mentioned, did have a positive effect on society, but probably because of their lesser numbers, and because they weren’t as well organized as Christianity came in a distant second. Thus, when it comes to the final vote, it is ORGANIZATIONS that really get things done! And who else, but Christianity, was better organized than they were. So, the next time you pass a building that has a beautiful, domed steeple on it, thank it, and its true Christian members — not your government, not even God, for your human “rights.”

All things being considered, maybe we humans aren’t so bad a creation after all, if only we’ll stop taking the negative, evening news for our reality, and pay more attention to the tons and tons of good things we humans are doing in this “school” of ours!