A creative and inquisitive mind ruled most of my youth–a daydreamer, I was– that continues to this day. I loved to daydream and write about some of the fantasies I imagined. While still in grade school I had written a short story for a class literature assignment that earned me an A+. It was about escaping from dinosaurs (naturally, as a young boy) that wanted to eat me.

During the many years between then and now, I  wrote and published  numerous stories and articles, and am presently writing an  editorial column for the Temple City Star, our local newspaper here in Cardston.

Now that I’m –well,  retired— I write even more than I did before, and besides my regular column in the Temple City Star, I  even have a novel in the works. I’d love to hear from you and read about your dreams.

Life is my passion: I love life and all the good and bad that comes with it! In addition to writing, I consider myself a philanthropist who, besides giving of myself, enjoy good music, fine art, including well designed Modern Art and Graffiti. I consider myself a religious (spiritual) person and much of my philosophical and metaphysical writing reflects my personal, spiritual beliefs.

I love lively discussions. In fact, I believe that lively, often controversial arguments are the best road to personal learning, for they force a person to dig deep, far and wide, to support one’s opinion in a debate/discussion/argument. Unfortunately, I find that far too many people who engage me in discussion, actually all they really want to do is convince me that they are right. Period! And will usually walk away in a huff when they find their views challenged to their limited reason.

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